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The first episode of Digimon Fusion (The Dub version of Digimon Xros Wars) aired today! here are my thoughts.

The intro with the armies having the voice over was a nice touch.

Animation error: Angie/Akari's bag has Taiki (Mikey's Japanese name) on it.

Fusion Loader may need a bit of getting used to.

Shoutmon's voice I can take seriously in the first and second thirds of the show, but in the hunters section with the king getup, NO.

Ballistamon's voice is good.

I heard Starmon's Elvis voice and thought "this is how Starmon SHOULD be".

The dub attack names are pretty awesome (I get goosebumps when I hear Shoutmon yell "FIERY FASTBALL!")

The music for the Digi-Fuse is good, not at the same level of awesomeness as We Are Xros Heart, but close (I can't wait to see what they do for X7, orchestral version maybe).

Tactimon still being the perfectionist as always, lilithmon being.....well Lilithmon, Blastmon's voice seems good,, can't wait to hear him blabber about his beauty in this voice. and Ba'almon is still a mystery (to those who haven't watched the Japanese version, *cough* Beelzemon *cough, get's shot*).

Nene's voice fits pretty well, and when I hear Kiriha, I Mean Christopher's voice i was like, NOW THAT'S THE POWER HUNGRY WAR DUDE WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE/HATE.

I can't wait for DarkKnightmon to show, he's the true villian this show SHOULD'VE had.

i bet $50.00 (lying) that Cutemon will have Terriermon's (Tamers) voice, and maybe Dorulumon will have Gaomon's.
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Submitted on
September 7, 2013